Volunteers and Visitors

Volunteer/Visitor experiential/educational stay programs​​
All programs include three meals per day, accommodations in the dorms and use of our facilities and grounds. Volunteer  work can include garden work, grounds maintenance, small building projects (fencing, chicken coops, etc), cleaning, help in meal preparation and clean up, assisting local people in development of their own home gardens, help in shopping for supplies, etc. All visitors and volunteers are expected to participate in meal preparation and clean up during all meal times (in addition to any farm work hours) as well as clean up after themselves. All  fees will go to support the  visitor, volunteer and farm expenses.
*There is a limit to how many  Visitors (Observers) we can allow, depending upon which phases the project is in, as we may require a certain amount of space for working  visitors/volunteers. 


Program 2 (light work volunteer)​​
Volunteers will be expected to work on the farm for 2 hours daily, 5 days weekly .  

               Fee  for stay is $380 weekly.

​For shorter stays, $65/day, 2 day minimum​​​​

We are now accepting applications for visitors/volunteers  
for  an experiential stay.!!   Send us a message on our contact                          page if you  would like to apply!!​​
​​                                                                                                                                    Accommodations​​

We want your stay at our farm to be comfortable and enjoyable. Our rooms and facilities are simple, clean and comfortable. The main house has a modern kitchen,  visitor/volunteer gathering room for discussions, movies , lectures and  games as well as  the directors quarters. The volunteer/visitor dorm  cabina houses up to 12 visitors/volunteers in comfortable bunk beds with 3 bathrooms , additional kitchen, laundry and lounging areas with gorgeous views. There is an additional bathroom for visitor/volunteer use on the main house terrace as well.  

Your Meals

   Stay packages 
 include three healthy meals per day.  Our goal is to serve primarily food that is growing (or will grow over time) on the farm.  Our meals are generally a combination of traditional, typical foods, as well as some more creative dishes.   We like to make meals  a time to gather, replenish yourself with tasty nutritious food and share social time with others at the farm.  All visitors and volunteers will contribute to meal preparation and clean up as a joint effort.  Our directors have many tasty meal plans but volunteers are always welcome to share other recipes and ideas with the group, if they enjoy the opportunity!