About Us

 Vista Hermosa Farm Project, Inc.

Vista Hermosa Farm Project is a not for profit organization, formed to create an educational model for sustainable, permaculture mini-farming. This project is a hands on effort by volunteers, interns, directors and community. Together, they are creating this model to provide the know how and skills for participants to bring back to their own lives and communities, in order to help provide high quality food to people using environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques.  A variety of other positive environmental and permaculture methods and experiments will also be part of our program. The farm is set in a beautiful environment, surrounded by spectacular nature and views. ​​
Our board members bring a variety of skills and expertise to the program. They include a biologist/nutritionist,  a member with a degree in cultural anthropology, a masters in Social Work and a masters in Public Administration. We also have a graduate from the prestigous Cornell University School of Nutrition, and a registered dietician , and a graduate of the prestigous Cornell  University Agricultural School.  Our on site program directors are knowledgeable, friendly , hard working and a pleasure to be around!

Program Directors

Guy Granovsky
Guy is a multi talented and creative individual who is passionate about permaculture and sustainable living. He feels that  we must learn  and  teach the information and tools needed to  positively impact lives while helping our planet. He believes in the necessity for humans to re-establish the connection with the land and somehow to return to a smaller scale of living with a positive impact on the environment.  As a result, he and his wife have left the big city to fulfill this vision at Vista Hermosa farm Project .

Guy’s passion for working with people and on interesting projects led him to many years of extensive experience in operations, organization and management.  He has  produced and run transformative festivals and creative events. He has also worked with and managed large groups of volunteers on various projects.  Guy  is  a very diverse  and fun dividual who has  studied  many areas of sustainable agriculture and permaculture. 

Olesya Ginsburg

Olesya (aka Alicia) grew up in Eastern Europe and has a Master’s degree in Anesthesiology  and also has a degree in eduction.She has taken extensive continuing education courses and workshops on self-sustainable living. Alicia naturally loves educating people and engaging them into a more responsible, compassionate, caring, and sustainable way of living.

She visited Costa Rica in 2016 for the first time and felt an instant connection with this beautiful and diverse land. In seeking a new life there, Vista Hermosa Farm Project with its vision and goals became a perfect match for her. Alicia sees VH project as an unfolding potential for so many things she is looking for in life - living in a beautiful place, connection with the land and Mother Gaia, knowledge and skills on sustainable living, opportunity to give back to the planet, empowering role of directing and educating people, growing food herself!