Our Mission​​​​​​
     To Provide a hands on  educational model for visitors and volunteers  to  le​arn and experience the process of bio-intensive organic permaculture farming. Modern industrial commercial farming has had a variety  of  environmental, community and health consequences.  The food produced is often harmful GMO produce, contaminated with chemicals and generally is substandard in nutrition. It is projected that we will experience food shortages in the near future due to population, water , loss of growable soil and other environmental issues.
     We would like to introduce the concept of bio-intensive, sustainable organic farming, in which  we actually  make more soil than is used and an individual, group or family can independently grow all of their own calories and nutrition by farming on an average sized suburban lot.  Additionally, this program will offer ideas  to create community gardens and/or operate a successful, small,  organic farming business. We also plan to introduce this concept to our own local rural community.

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