About Us

 Vista Hermosa Farm Project, Inc.

Vista Hermosa Farm Project is a not for profit organization, formed to create an educational model for bio-intensive mini-farming. This project is a hands on effort by volunteers, interns, directors and community. Together, they are creating this model to provide the know how and skills for participants to bring back to their own lives and communities, in order to help provide high quality food to people using environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques.  A variety of other positive environmental and permaculture methods and experiments will also be part of our program. The farm is set in a beautiful environment, surrounded by spectacular nature and views.
Our board members bring a variety of skills and expertise to the program. They include a biologist/nutritionist,  a member with a degree in cultural anthropology, a masters in Social Work and a masters in Public Administration. We also have a graduate from the prestigous Cornell University School of Nutrition, and a registered dietician , and a graduate of the prestigous Cornell  University Agricultural School.  Our on site program director is knowledgeable, friendly , hard working and a pleasure to be around!
Kian Tadrissi
Program Director
 Project Director

Kian has studied and practiced a variety of methods of permaculture, farming and landscaping.  A Canadian national, yet he considers himself a world citizen. He holds certifications in Hospitality and Tourism from Ryerson University as well as a degree in philosophy from York University. Kian is a world traveler and holds various certifications in areas of fitness and training as well. An experienced, hands on teacher, Kian finds great joy in sharing his love of nature (a self proclaimed “tree hugger”) and permaculture with others. He hopes to work with many great people to help nurture the environment, planet, local communities and individuals through their connection with nature, growing plants and loving all living things. Kian is the perfect combination of a deep thinker and a high energy human being full of laughter and fun (and he can turn a pile of bamboo into furniture and swing that machete like a Costa Rican!)